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May 2021

The Teen Book Festival (TBF), hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology, is a free event where students have the opportunity to meet some of their favorite authors in person and listen to them discuss their books and writing processes.  This field trip is open first to Library Advisory Board and Battle of the Books members, and then to other members of the student body. We hope that TBF takes place in 2021; however, it is unclear whether or not this event will take place.
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Permission Slip (Available Spring 2021)



The Teen Book Festival takes place each year in Rochester, New York, which requires that we depart JCB early in the morning. The event kicks off with a parade of authors and a time for each attending author to introduce themselves. Then, there are concurrent sessions with different authors in a few buildings on the campus. Students may go in groups or with a chaperone to different sessions. 

Lunch is served either in the college cafeteria with vouchers provided by JCB, or students can bring money to purchase food at food trucks. In addition to food trucks, there are several vendors with "nerdy" items for book lovers!

The day ends with author book signings. Barnes and Noble has a booth onsite with books written by the authors attending the festival. Students may bring money to purchase these books. If students already own books written by the authors attending the festival, they may bring them.

We depart Rochester around 4:00 p.m. and arrive back at JCB around 5:30 p.m./6:00 p.m.

Printable Schedule (Available Spring 2021)
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Students should wear Phoenix Central School District T-shirts and comfortable shoes. They also should consider wearing layers, as the rooms tend to fluctuate in temperature. Since May can be a rainy month, an umbrella and/or raincoat is recommended.

Students should carry a bag for any items they will be bringing on the trip. A bag could be a tote bag or a cinch bag. If students wish to purchase something from vendors, they should bring cash with them. It is strongly encouraged that students bring their cell phones with them.

Printable Checklist (Available Spring 2021)
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