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Loaner Chromebooks

Did you forget your Chromebook at home? Or, is your Chromebook being repaired? If so, you can borrow a loaner Chromebook from the library!

Each loaner Chromebook from the library is only available in school during school hours and must be returned to the library no later than 2:45 p.m. on the day it was borrowed. Any student who do not return their loaner Chromebook at this time will receive an email letting them know that their Chromebook is overdue.

If you have extenuating circumstances that would require a longer loan, please contact a library staff member.


Take a look at this collection of short video tutorials on "How to Chromebook."


The Westhill Tech Team has created a helpful document outlining common fixes to common problems.

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy governs student use of the District's Computer Systems - both on and off campus.

1:1 Device agreement

This contract outlines the expectations for Chromebook use and the consequences for misuse.  

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